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Urvi Ramsoondar, CHSC, BA Tech, MAL

Session Synopsis

2017 marks a milestone year for BCCSA. The Association embarked on a mission to have a common construction safety designation across the provinces and has worked closely with the Alberta Construction Safety Association, and provincial partners through the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA), to sign an NCSOTM memorandum. This session will review the journey to a National Construction Safety Officer designation, and include information on the requirements for attaining an NCSOTM.


As Director, Health & Safety Services for the BC Construction Safety Alliance, Urvi Ramsoondar offers a wealth of experience to help create a culture of safety across all sectors of the construction industry and to assist companies to achieve their health and safety goals.

In the past 11 years with the safety association Urvi has worked with construction companies to perform training, onsite safety advising, and committee leadership. As Director, Health & Safety Services she has direct oversight of various BCCSA programs and services including, training (in-class and online), onsite consulting via a team of Regional Safety Advisors, the Provincial Traffic Control program, and the new NCSO designation.

Always committed to her professional development, in 2016 Urvi completed her Masters Degree in Leadership and in 2017 her commitment to her profession was recognized via the Donna Mary Shaw Award from the Canadian Society of Association Executives. As her graduate degree involved a province-wide research project on employer engagement in workplace safety she plans on using the outcomes of this research, coupled with her background in adult education and leadership, to further the goals of the BC Construction Safety Alliance. She is excited to be a part of the 2017 Bridging the Gap Conference and to speak on the new NCSO program in BC.

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