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Todd Conklin, Ph.D

Session Synopsis:

Minute by minute the world is changing. Technology has added new dimensions to how we as human beings react to our surroundings. Yet, in many areas, we are still using old methods of coping with our environment and industry that no longer fit the situation. Looking at a different way of dealing with safety in the workplace is what the new view, the Human Performance view of safety management is all about.

When an accident happens in a company, it is considered a “failure.” Provisions are made to look in hindsight at causes for the failure, usually finding out who is to blame. In the Human Performance view, “failure” is redefined. Rather than looking at the accident in hindsight, workers and management process the situation with the idea that accidents will happen because work is performed by humans…and we are not perfect. Therefore, how can we minimize the consequences, save lives and save money in the process. Changes in actions and attitudes are required in dealing with safety issues.

Progress is being made in examining the journey that it takes to make these changes in management of the company’s systems and the workers’ behaviors... in parallel. My presentation will deal with ways that might assist your company in making these changes in your safety operations. There will be a question and answer period, and the presentation will attempt to focus on the needs of your situation. The presentation will be applicable to administration, management and workers. The Human Performance view is creating excitement and new energy in the safety fields.


"More rules will not make you more safe!"

"A good safety program is reflected on how many days an organization goes without having an accident? Wrong! This is a myth. Accidents, incidents and potential disasters lurk around every corner or may be staring an organization right in the face. Looking at human performance theory in a simplistic and practical manner can save your company money, and more importantly, save lives." Todd Conklin

Dr. Conklin is a Senior Advisor to the Associate Director, emphasis in Organizational Development and Human Reliability, at Los Alamos National Laboratory where he has served in the Human Resource and Reliability Management and Training arena for the last 15 years. His book : WAYS TO REVITALIZE: SIMPLE REVOLUTIONARY ACTS AND YOUR WORKPLACE helps one, in a fun way, become a positive deviant in the workplace. His most recent book, PRE-ACCIDENT INVESTIGATIONS, provides an introduction to organizational safety.

National Public Radio has hosted him as a guest on "All Things Considered" and "Morning Edition." Dr. Conklin speaks on Workplace Humor and Friendships; Workplace Violence; High-risk Conflict Organizational Development; and Training for Recognizing Unusual Behavior in the Workplace. This expertise results in a broad spectrum of courses which include Appreciative Inquiry; Organizational Development, Conflict Management and Team Building; Hostage Negotiation 101 and training for Recognizing Unusual Behavior in the Workplace; and Violence in the Workplace. The Appreciative Inquiry model helps groups of people make decisions based upon the past success of the individual members to build lightning fast consensus from groups that often are unable to have agreement around difficult issues. Conflict Management and Team Building is for facilitated sessions to help teams realize a more full potential, create a more positive sociological environment, solve problems, plan ahead, and create new understandings or definitions of scope, schedule, and cost. Hostage Negotiation 101 training teaches the ins and outs of successful negotiation with a hostage taker and is highly specialized for law enforcement and security corporate personnel.

Recent presentations include ideas on how to make changes in companies from what is considered the traditional views of safety concerns, which are becoming outdated and ineffective, to the new Human Performance Safety Theory. This theory invites administration, management and workers to come together to look at systems that lead to accidents and make changes before the accidents occur.

Dr. Conklin has his BA in Communication, Southwestern College, Kansas, an MA in Interpersonal Communication, Fort Hays State University, and a Ph.D in Organizational Communication, University of New Mexico. He currently has his residence and office in Santa Fe, New Mexico and travels worldwide doing consulting and training in organizational development and Human Performance Safety.

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