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Terry Bogyo (B.Sc., M.B.A),
Independent Researcher | Speaker | Consultant

Session Synopsis:

How do we Measure Up?
A comparative Workers’ Compensation & OHS analysis For BCCSA

Safe workplaces and equitable compensation are the universal goals of workers’ compensation and occupational health systems. Judging how well our BC system performs requires context. This analysis provides that context by comparing key cost, benefit and outcome measures across multiple jurisdictions, exploring just how well BC’s performance measures up.


Terry Bogyo (pronounced Bō-show) is an independent researcher, speaker and consultant with a focus on workers’ compensation, disability management and occupational safety and health. His presentations on the changing demographics, emerging trends in prevention, and interjurisdictional comparisons of workers’ compensation systems have engaged audiences in Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand. He is a frequent commentator on workers’ compensation issues, contributor to various workers’ compensation publications, and speaker on trends and challenges in workplace health, safety and compensation. He currently lectures and instructs on workers' compensation policy, disability prevention, and workplace insurance.

Terry’s career in workers’ compensation spans more than 30 years and includes frontline and management positions in claims and rehabilitation as well as staff roles including as the Director of Policy, Director of Community Relations and Executive Assistant to the Chair. As the former Director of Corporate Planning and Research for WorkSafeBC (the Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia) he was responsible for environmental scanning, strategic planning and inter-jurisdictional comparison. He is a member of the Work Wellness and Disability Prevention Institute (WWDPI.org), a study panel member on workers’ compensation data for the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI.org) and an adjunct faculty member at the Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences (PCU-WHS.ca).

His blog Workers' Compensation Perspectives is read internationally and addresses the many questions he receives in the course of his work.

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