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Sarina Hanschke,
Traffic Control Program Quality Assurance, BCCSA

Session Synopsis

Where we’ve been:

  • Brief history of BCCSA’s TCP program
  • Recent changes to the TCP Program
  • Comparison of BC’s program to other jurisdictions

Where we are going:

  • Upcoming Changes
    • 1-day Requalification course
    • WSBC officer training
    • Regulation review and public consultation
    • Traffic management manual

The safety managers responsibility in this process:

  • Pre-job planning
  • Communication with subcontractors
  • Participating in the regulation review

How we can help you get there:

  • How BCCSA helps industry meet standards and challenges


Sarina Hanschke is responsible for Quality Assurance for the Traffic Control Program (TCP) at the BC Construction Safety Alliance. Based on feedback from program instructors, various industry stakeholders, and regulatory groups, Sarina and her team are currently revising the Program to the updated standards of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s Traffic Management Manual for Work on roadways which will sunset the current standard, the 1999 Traffic Control Manual for Work on Roadways as of January 1 2019.

Previous to joining the BCCSA, Sarina gained extensive experience in the construction industry through working with WinVan Paving for many years and teaching traffic control with the Labourers’ International Union of North America. With over 10 years in the Traffic Control and Road Building industry, Sarina offers a technical and empirically guided perspective into the Traffic Control profession and the diverse needs of the construction industry. This hands on approach aided in the latest update and revision to the TCP course content which launched in January 2016, and creation of practical field resources, such as the TCP Hip Guide, that you can find on the jobsite today. Her goals are to raise compliance to the standards and providing workers with practical and requisite resources to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Sarina also works as a consultant within BC and the USA helping various groups from utility, towing, road maintenance, and road building companies develop their internal traffic control training programs. She is a huge advocate for roadside worker safety and bringing awareness to the public as a member of Work Zone Safety Alliance’s Cone Zone campaign, and through organizing the Cone Zone Experience, which educates children and their parents on the necessity of slowing down and being mindful in work zones.

In addition, Sarina is a member of various committees throughout North America aimed at improving road safety including the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals, Road Safety at Work Steering committee, the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies Work Zone Traffic Control, and Positive Protection in Work Zones Committees, and the Washington State Department of Transportation Traffic Control Oversight Committee among others.

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