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Jeff Lyth,
Consultant, QSP Leadership

Session Synopsis: Safety Heretic

(Her-e-tic (’herəˌtik): a person holding an opinion at odds with what is generally accepted.)

After a 25-year career in construction safety, former CRSP and CHSC Jeffery Lyth will discuss recent developments in our understanding of health and safety. A proponent of doing ‘safety differently’ for the last 5 years (and creator of the LinkedIn group of the same name), Jeff will link this rapidly emerging philosophy with ways that safety personnel can:

  • Add tangible value to the organization
  • Engage everyone from workers to owners
  • Apply 'safety differently' thinking in:
    • Orientations
    • Investigations
    • Procedures
    • Committees


Jeff has been actively involved in construction safety for 25 years. Since beginning as a first aid attendant in 1992, he has experienced the rise of safety management programs from their rustic beginnings through to those we currently use in industry. Jeff departed from conventional safety management in 2012 to focus on leadership skills development for front-line personnel. Since then he has combined that effort with emerging new ideas from the 'safety differently' or 'safety II' movement. He is currently active in helping construction employers (and their safety managers) from Victoria to Halifax to Whitehorse apply those principles and transform how 'safety' is viewed within their organizational cultures.

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